This is in Glouster, Ohio. It is a tiny little thing inside, maybe a bit bigger than McConnelsville. It's modern inside...looks as though it has been through a very recent remodeling job. (UPDATE: I believe this store may have been replaced in 2003.)

This store is in McConnelsville, Ohio. It may be the smallest Kroger store anywhere (except for a convenience store or a Fred Meyer Jewelry store). It has no real decor to speak of inside and it only has two (if memory serves) checkstands in the whole store. It is a true classic, if a bit tired-looking.

This is in Nelsonville, Ohio, right around the corner from the Sonic Drive-In. It is a distinctive little store, larger than the previous two, but smaller than a modern store. It looks newer, too, kind of like an interpretation of a greenhouse style store.

The Grosse Ile Township, Michigan store is an interesting take on the superstore style. It is smallish inside but with modern decor. It only has four checkstands. This store was remodeled beyond recognition and converted to a Kroger Fresh Fare in very late 2003-early 2004. It is about 18000 square feet.

These are of the store in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, on Mack near Moross. The store still has late-seventies, early eighties decor and signage inside, very rare indeed. The front entrance is long closed and the rear (main) entrance is right next to the loading dock. The store is probably of pre-superstore age...

This is the Lancaster, Ohio Sav-On. It looks like no other I have seen. The front is flat but the store is finished in the same stone facade as the greenhouse stores. It also has interesting signage still on the building.

This is the 15 Mile and Ryan store in Sterling Heights, Michigan. This was originally a superstore from the mid-70's. It is an interesting case, however, as it has a center entrance (only center entrance superstore I've ever seen), and this store was also remodeled back into the superstore style IN THE 1990s. It closed as a Kroger after the 1980's strike, became a Savewel (small chain, now defunct as far as I know), and then a Great Scott. Then after that it became a Kroger again, this time with the totally 80's red awning Great Scott exterior. This remodel was mid-90's as far as I remember.

This store is on Manhattan Boulevard in Toledo. It is pretty representative of the greenhouse style stores. It is beige in colour while most non Sav-On stores are white, at least in Michigan, anyway.

This is the Monroe and Secor store in Toledo. Inside the store has been recently remodeled. I find this one interesting because it is the largest greenhouse store I have ever seen. (Make that "was the largest..." The final picture shown was taken in June 2004.)

This store is in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, on Packard. It is a smaller superstore design (sizewise, similar to Summit Street) which underwent a remodel in 2002. The exterior is distinctive because of the beige siding on the top half of the building (matches the rest of the shopping centre), instead of the brick on every other superstore I have seen.

This is in Washington Township on Summit, just outside of the Toledo city limits, and (probably not even) 500' inside the state line. It is smaller inside than most superstores. The interior isn't that old (can't remember if it's early or late 90's) but has some older details. The interesting feature about this store is the sign; the letters are blue, not black. (UPDATE: I drove by 3/06 and it was closed- probably closed back in fall 05 when the Suder/Ottawa River store opened.)

This store is in Sylvania, Ohio, right off the Alexis exit of US23/I475. It was a Sav-On but the signage on the building has changed recently, and on the building one can see where the original signs were.

This store is in Woodhaven, Michigan. As of early 2003, the exterior is still original to this day. The store is remarkable because it still has almost the complete original interior. If memory serves, the wall signs may have been repainted, since I don't think the colour scheme is original, but at least it still has them. The checkstand signs and the aisle signage are not original, however, but with the notable exception of the bottle return machines at the entrance it is like stepping back in time. What's more remarkable is that the rest of the shopping centre has been extensively remodeled.

This is the Wayne, Michigan store, on Michigan Avenue (US12), another example of a well-preserved superstore, at least on the outside, anyway. The interior is early 1990's.

This store is in Harrison Township (Macomb County), Michigan, on Crocker at Metropolitan Parkway. It is being defaced by the Kroger Company as this is being typed (July 2003). The right half of the store was unusual in that it has a sloped front much like some mid-80s A&P stores. This one was originally a Great Scott.

This is of a Kroger in Toledo near Southwyck Mall. It is an old greenhouse store with an interesting remodelling job.

This Kroger closed in mid-2003. It was on Schoenherr in Utica, Michigan, up the road from Lakeside Mall. It was originally a Great Scott.

This is in Bloomfield Township (Oakland County), Michigan, on South Boulevard at Squirrel. This is the one remaining superstore left in Oakland County with the (more or less) original exterior. The store looks like a centre entrance store like the one above at 15 Mile and Ryan, but it was originally a corner entrance one like the rest. The store was expanded inside by taking over the retail space next door.

This is the Sterling Heights store at Van Dyke and Riverland. It is the last operating greenhouse in Macomb County with an original exterior. The interior is early 1990's.

This is in Dearborn, Michigan, on Michigan at the Westborn Mall. It was a superstore until not too long ago, when a new store was opened at the other end of the centre. The building was probably remodeled into a superstore since it has the arched roof.

This is in White Lake Township (Oakland County), Michigan, on Highway 59. Next door is a K Mart with a green logo.

This is the one Kroger store located in the city of Detroit, on Gratiot north of East 7 Mile. It opened with great fanfare in (I think) late 2001. The store has been looking a bit tired inside as of late. Last time I was there there was actually an empty aisle. UPDATE: Closed 28th February 2005, now Mike's Fresh Market.

These are of the Harper Woods, Michigan store. It opened in 2001 or 2002, replacing an old store across 8 Mile in St. Clair Shores. This store is interesting because of its two entrances. One is in the rear of the store, and checkstands are located at both front and rear. This is because the store is situated on a triangular lot along Interstate 94.

This is of the Kroger greenhouse store in Springfield, Ohio. It is interesting because it is a smaller scale store-it has a lower roofline, if you look at the height of the store in comparison to the parked cars. It still has the original interior (!) and for some reason, a sign off of a superstore.

This is the sign from the aforementioned Springfield store. In the background is a colonial A&P now serving as a Save-A-Lot.

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